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Science Camp 2016
July 27-28, 2016
During Science Camp 2016 we will be introducing some of the newest innovations in science and technology. Click here for more information

Back to School Involves You Too - Internships from Baltimore County Public Schools on Vimeo.

Science Fair Competion

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Interactive Links

World Map of Innovation
Lunar and Planetary Institute
Project Lite
Physics Education Technology
Optical Society of America
Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena
NASA Science for Kids
Bentley Snow Crystal Collection
Wilson Bentley on YouTube
Guide to Snowflakes
Kepler's Discovery
Nikon MicroscopyU
The Space Place
Optical Research Associated (Optics for Kids)
Cool Cosmos 
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Pinhole Photo Competion


Micro and Nano Technology

Light Terms and History

Lasers Terms and History

World Map of Innovation



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